Mario in the Train Circle of the Toy Time Galaxy

Toy Time Galaxy is a toy themed galaxy including desserts, toy houses and other miscellaneous things, appear in Super Mario Galaxy.


Train CircleEdit

A starting planet for all 3 missions. This planet includes a train track and two trains, which seems to drive in different ways in each missions. The launch star's positions also change in each mission.

Toy HouseEdit

A house with screws to screw in/loosen. On the right side of the toy house is a launch star that launches you out of the chimney.

Food Dish PlanetEdit

A planet with a large bottle and some forks and spoons, the bottle top needs to be stomped to get to the launch star inside the bottle.

Mecha BowserEdit

A robot which represents Mecha Bowser, when you break the long stone stack on the top you will free the kidnapped gearmos.

Mario FigureEdit

An 8-bit figure with Mario's look on top. The Luigi version is 8-bit Luigi.