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Princess Peach

Princess Peach (or simply Peach) is the damsel in distress in both Super Mario Galaxy games. Mario must rescue her from the evil clutches of Bowser.

Physical Appearance Edit

Princess Peach is a princess that is taller than Mario but shorter than Rosalina. She has blonde hair that spikes at the neck and the face. She has blue eyes, a gold crown with blue and red red gems and blue earrings. Her dress is pink and low enough to cover her feet. She also wears white gloves.

Super Mario Galaxy Edit


Princess Peach with two Toads and Luma

In Super Mario Galaxy, Peach invites Mario to the Star Festival with a promise of cake. Mario is on his way to the castle when Bowser attacks. He takes her and her castle and brings them into space. Once Mario helps Rosalina turn the Comet Observatory back into a fully functional spaceship, he rescues her from the center of the universe.