Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum
W1g01s01 Mario and Peewee Piranha fighting
Mario and Peewee Piranha fighting 
Game Super Mario Galaxy 2 
World World 1 
Galaxy Sky Station Galaxy
Our Power Stars... They're gone! Some gigantic monster stole them!

— Luma

Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum is the first star in the Sky Station Galaxy. It is found in the game Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Mission SummaryEdit

The mission starts on a planet. A Luma tells Mario that the Power Stars are gone, and Bowser took them. The player has to first climb up the roof. This can be done by entering the green pipe, and then jumping into the hole. But before doing so, a luma will say "Whew... You saved me! But that monster got away..."

At the roof, a Luma will say "Over here!", telling Mario to walk over to the luma. The Luma will say "The other Lumas told me about you! Thank you for helping us! I'm going to transform into a Launch Star. Come over and fly!" The Luma will then transform into a Launch Star.

On the next planet, the Luma will guide the player through the obstacles, though there is a bunch of octorocks. The player will then be able to collect music notes to get three 1-ups. On the planet, the player will also be able to jump into a little portal, onto another planet with more octorocks. The player will be able to use the Rainbow Mario form to zip right through the octorocks and get three 1-ups.

After hopping through the Launch Star, the player will end up on a few other planets with Sling Stars and Launch Stars.

The next planet will have flying goombas, AKA Paragoombas, and the first Comet Medal of the game. After passing through, the Luma will turn into a Launch Star that the player will be able to jump in. The Luma says "There's a monster up ahead!"

The next planet will have the first double-health mushroom in the game, and another checkpoint. The player has to go on the other side of the planet, and hop on the platform, and hop into the Launch Star. The Luma will say "I see ★ light over there!"

After jumping in the Launch Star, the player will be on the planet of Peewee Piranha, and will fight the first boss in the game. After hitting Peewee Piranha's egg three times, Peewee Piranha will form another egg, from the debris in the planet's atmosphere. After hitting Peewee Piranha another three times, he'll transform into a star. The mission ends when the player grabs the star.


  • On the planet with the first double-health mushroom in the game, after going on the other side of the planet and going behind the platform, there's a 1-up mushroom.


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