250px-Mario Squared Galaxy

The Mario Squared Galaxy, as it appear from Starship Mario

Mario Squared Galaxy is the first galaxy in the Special World of Super Mario Galaxy 2. It takes place on a massive structure of Mario and Luigi created by disappearing tiles, flipswitches, lava and posionous goo. It is similar to the structure in the Toy Time Galaxy in the game's predecessor. There are just two stars in this galaxy, one on each side of the planet.


Mario FaceEdit

This is the initial area that the player gets transported to. It is a structure bearing a resemblance to an 8-bit Mario sprite, with lava, flipswitches, and disappearing tiles creating Mario's body and clothes. It is visited during the first star mission called "Make Mario a Star," where the flipswitches must be all turned yellow. Lil' Cinders and mobile Sentry Beams are the only enemies residing in this part of the galaxy. The Comet Medal is located here, on the corner left of the starting area, and a 1-up Mushroom is located on a lone panel in the upper right corner of the area.

Luigi FaceEdit

This is the area opposite of the Mario face, on the other side, as shown in gameplay. It can be visited when the Comet Star mission "Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos"arrives, and its a structure bearing a resemblance to an 8-bit Luigi sprite. poisonous goo; flat, basic yellow tiles, and disappearing tiles make up this portion of the galaxy. Cosmic Clones are the only enemies that appear in this level, and chase the player around the entire area.


Make Mario a StarEdit

This is the initial mission the player must complete, and it takes place on the Mario face. The goal of the mission is to turn all the blue flipswitches on this planet yellow, so that they all combine to form a Power Star at the beginning of the level. The player must dodge Lil' Cinders and a Stationary Beam along the way, along with overcoming obstacles such as disappearing tiles and lava.

Luigi's Purple Coin ChaosEdit

This is the Comet Star mission, and it takes place on the Luigi face. In this mission, the player must get 100 purple coins scattered around the entire area with a strict time limit of 1.5 minutes. Additionally, the player must move quick, as there are Cosmic Clones chasing the player and the disappearing tiles can only be stepped on once. Once all coins are collected, a Star will appear at the beginning of the area.