Launch Star

Launch Stars are seen in many galaxies, when they are spinned, they launch you across space. Launch stars have been a way of moving around levels. Launch stars have a far range of launching, since the evidence of launching Mario from the observatory to galaxies.

Launch Star kindsEdit

There are 3 types of launch stars, they are the normal launch star, a pink launch star formed by a Hungry Luma when fed, and the Green Launch Star seen in the observatory (named the gateway to the Trial Galaxies). There are also Sling Stars that act like Launch Stars, but usually are shorter ranged.

Star ChipsEdit

When launch stars are smashed by a meteor, they break into five star chips (as reference to the five tips of the star). The player has to collect all five to reform the launch star.

Star TrailsEdit

When you fly through a level, a blue line leaves behind you to show the route of the launch star, when you replay that level, you can see that you are launching through the exact same route.

Trivia Edit

In most cases, when using a Launch Star, you can collect Star Bits while flying to your destination. These Star Bit collection sequences only last for a few seconds.