King Kaliente is a boss that appears in both Super Mario Galaxy Games. He appears in Good Egg Galaxy and Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor.

Appearance Edit

He is a orange octopus with a crown on his head. His whole body can not be seen as some of it is under the lava and he pivots to face the player. It shoots fireballs and coconuts at you. It takes three hits to knock him down.

King Kaliente's Battle Fleet Edit

King Kaliente has three attack moves; the triple fireball, the coconut, and the minions. In the first segment, he uses only the triple fireball and the coconut. In the triple fireball, he shoots three fireballs out of his mouth; one going left, one going right, and one going straight. In the coconut, he shoots one coconut at you. To beat him, you must spin a coconut at him to hit him. In the second segment, he ricochets the coconut back at you once. In the final segment, he starts using the minions attack, where six blue fire puffs come out from the lava and try to hit you. He also ricochets the coconuts twice. He then falls back into the lava and the star levitates above the lava shore.

Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor Edit

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