Galaxies are the areas visible accessible the Comet Observatory and Starship Mario. You have to collect so many stars to unlock the galaxy. They are the main sources and locations of where scattered stars fall. Some of the stars hide in the bosses of the galaxies, which gave them great power. Galaxies vary in sizes and difficulty.

A galaxy can be affected by a comet that's passing by, it can alter the order of planets, give a time limit, give Mario one health only, scatter purple coins, make foes faster, have a cosmic clone race the player, and scatter some Green Stars across the galaxy.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being called galaxies, they are more like groups of planets.
  • The galaxy themes in Super Mario Galaxy are arguably (In order of appearance) Mission, Grassy, Bees, Flipswitch Puzzle, Squid Racing, Robot Mission, Candy, Space, Ball Grass Puzzle, Battle, Disappear Puzzle, Bowser Mission, Sling Pods, Beaches, Bubble Puzzle, Ghosts, Buoy Base, Airship Mission, Eel Puzzle, Garden, Fire and Ice, Honey Climbing, Desert, Bowser Mission, Ocean Cavern Mission, Outdoor Fall Environment, Beaches, Toys, Ocean Planet Mission, Lava Monster Mission, Mushroom Mission, Ocean Cavern, Battle, Dark Matter, Lava, Snow Bunny Mission, Ball Mechanics Puzzle, Electric Bubble Puzzle, Squid Racing, Lava Galaxy Reactor Bowser Mission, Star Festival.