Freeze Flake Galaxy is a galaxy that appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2. It has the same theme as Freezeflame Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy.


Star 1: Browser On Ice Edit

After a series of obstacles, mario needs to break through a statue of Browser made of snow his Power Up: Fire Mario. Here he will find a Power Star .

Star 2: Sorbetti Chilly ReceptionEdit

After a series of obstacles, mario needs to fight the Boss of this Level: Sorbetti. Mario needs to spin Sorbetti in it's red bump, portrayed as his nose, 3 times. Defeating the boss will give a Power Star .

Hidden Star: The Chimp's Skating Challenge Edit

When Mario finds a hidden Warp Pipe. He will find the Chimp, and he will challenge him for the skating challenge. If you, while skating, are able to hit 500 Gummits you wil get a Power Star , and maybe some respect from the Chimp.

3 Green StarsEdit

There are 3 green stars to be found in this Galaxy, but the locations we will keep for you to find out.