Img5 Fire Mario

Fire Mario is one of the Power Ups found in Super Mario Galaxy series. It's first introduction was in Super Mario Bros. in 1985. Mario can turn into Fire Mario when he takes the Fire Flower. Fire Mario can only be used for a limited time,


Fire Flower


The Fire Flower can be found through out several galaxies in both games.

Super Mario GalaxyEdit

  1. Freeze Flame Galaxy
  2. Dusty Dune Galaxy
  3. Deep Dark Galaxy
  4. Snow Cap Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy 2Edit

  1. Right Side Down Galaxy
  2. Freezy Flake Galaxy
  3. Slipsand Galaxy
  4. Upside Dizzy Galaxy
  5. Battle Belt Galaxy


With Fire Mario, Mario is able to shoot fire balls at various objects and enemies. Shake the Wii Remote to shoot fireballs in both directions.

Fire LuigiEdit

If you have unlocked Luigi, you can of course take the Fire Flower in the Galaxies it appears. Luigi will then turn into Fire Luigi.