Dreadnought Galaxy

Dreadnought Galaxy from the Dome.

Dreadnough Galaxy contains only the Dreadnought, another battle station just like the Battlerock Galaxy. It is a flying satellite where you will re-battle Topmaniac. It is in The Garden of Super Mario Galaxy.


The DreadnoughtEdit

The Dreadnought consists of many parts :

  • Rocket Booster - There is a shield protecting infiltrators from getting into the the Dreadnought with the green pipe, there is also 3 helmet goombas.
  • Side of rocket booster - The bottom part is platforms that could be released when flying, just like a space shuttle, the upper part contains bob-ombs and a launch star, which shows that they are on the side of the Dreadnoguht.
  • Colossal Cannons side - A side with colossal cannons. It is re-used in the purple coin mission.
  • Top of Dreadnought - The top of the Dreadnought is a cage path with mines and cannons.

Electrified time glassEdit

A time glass shaped planet with hovering laser beams to avoid intruders.

Blue and yellow tiny satellitesEdit

There are two satellites with different colors. One that's yellow with laser beams and a sling star to the aquatic planet. The other has 5 blue star chips to reach the launch star.

Aquatic PlanetEdit

This planet was drained, the water was trapped in a cage, but when you break the cage, the water floods out and you will be able to get to the power star.

Chain Chomp House PlanetEdit

You need to turn off flipswitches to kill out the lasers and the chain chomplets to reach the rolling screws.

UFO planetEdit

A UFO shaped planet with a green pipe at the bottom.

Ball PlanetEdit

A ball shaped planet with bumps and a trapped luma.

Laser spikes planetEdit

A planet with laser spikes and a launch star at the far end.