The Comet Observatory as it appear in Super Mario Galaxy

The Comet Observatory is the main hub of Super Mario Galaxy. It also doubles a starship. It is home to Rosalina and the lumas.


The Comet Observatory is made of different parts and different domes. When you load a file, you start at the Central Area. When Mario first arrives the Comet Observatory has no power. As he collects stars, the Comet Observatory starts to wake up.

The Domes Edit

The Terrace Edit

The Terrace is the first dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It's exterior is covered with grass and flowers. It is located across from the Garage and near the fountains.

The Fountain Edit

The Fountain (also known as the bathroom) the is the second dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It is located on a platform. Water pours off the sides into space. It is made of white tiles.

The Kitchen Edit

The Kitchen is the third dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It is made of bricks. It is located on top of a spire which can be accessed by climbing the stairs or wall jumping onto the bookshelves next to it.

The Bedroom Edit

The Bedroom is the fourth dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It is made of velvet-like material. It is located opposite from the central area.

The Engine Room Edit

The Engine Room is the fifth dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It is made of a metal. It is located just below the Garden.

The Garden Edit

The Garden is the last dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It is a pinkish metal. A crown is on top of it. It is located at the very top of the Comet Observatory.

The Gate Edit

The Gate is only to revisit the very first level of the game and to introduce Mario to the Red Star.

Other Locations Edit

The Garage Edit

The Garage is an area across from the Terrace. It is where Luigi, Captain Toad and The Starshroom reside. A 1-up mushroom can be found in a crate.

The Library Edit

The Library is where Mario can hear Rosalina's Storybook.

The Central Area Edit

This is where Rosalina and Polari reside. This is where Mario lands whenever there's something Rosalina needs to tell Mario.