The upper section of Beach Bowl Galaxy.


The main planet of Beach Bowl Galaxy.

Beach Bowl Galaxy



How to Unlock

Get 16 stars and complete Bowser's Star Reactor


Fast Foe Comet Purple Comet


Sunken Treasure Passing the Swim Test The Secret Undersea Cavern Fast Foes on Cyclone Stone Beachcombing for Purple Coins Wall Jumping up Waterfalls

Galaxy Icon

The Beach Bowl Planet with Cyclone Stone and seagulls

Beach Bowl Galaxy is the first galaxy unlocked in the Kitchen of Super Mario Galaxy. It is a tropical island and, as its name suggests, shaped like a bowl. The main creatures living on this island are penguins. Here is the place you learn to swim.


Main PlanetEdit

It is a planet with a beach, some small islands and a big waterfall. In the purple coin mission, Beachcombing for Purple Coins, the player will need to venture underwater and bounce up the hills to cover every purple coin, some purple coins are hidden on trees, which the player will need to walk up the stem of the trees to the top of the trees to get the purple coins.

Waterfall PlanetEdit

It is a hidden planet in the game. It is full of waterfalls which can be wall-jumped when used an Ice Flower. On the top is a frozen peak which you will need help from a Cataquack to get to the power star.

Cyclone StoneEdit

The cyclone stone, as its name, is a circular stone with thwomps and tox boxes. There is a black hole in the start of the cyclone stone, which seems to be sucking in water. This planet can be accessed through the mission, the Secret Undersea Cavern. In order to get the star, Mario must work his way to the opposite side.


  • The penguins here call the beach bowl a Penguin paradise.